The Benacchio Family | Framingham, Massachusetts

Take two adorable sisters, a set of awesome parents, throw in a little woodsy-farmy backdrop and add golden sun and you’ve got this fabulous family session with the Benacchio family. I love this family so much and am so glad I was able to capture these precious moments. It was a fun photo sesh and I’m in love with the results. Please enjoy these few peeks of my friends and my extended family, the Benacchios.

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Magic in the Woods with Maeli | Framingham, Massachusetts

Sometimes photographers get a vision. I get this vision every. single. day. I get this specific vision of a goddess dancing around in the beautiful woods in my backyard. A few weeks ago I found the perfect person to fulfill this dreamy session – a gorgeous goddess named Maeli. I had so much fun shooting this and am so happy that Maeli was willing to go along for the ride! Here are a few of the photos. Thank you, again, Maeli! You are beautimous!

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Tiffany + Anastasia: Beautiful DIY Backyard Wedding | Medford, Massachusetts

What do you get when you take two beautiful brides, an amazing backyard setting, and a whole lot of awesome DIY fabulousness? The answer is the wedding of Tiffany and Anastasia! These two brides are the winners of the LBP wedding package giveaway, though I feel like LBP was the real winner here. These amazing ladies did everything on their own – they made their own bouquets, they wrote their own vows….they even BUILT their reception tables! It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. As a reward for their efforts the very cloudy, grim looking sky that was supposed to be the backdrop for their big day (at least per the meteorologist) dissipated into a beautiful, sunny backdrop that lasted throughout the evening. Congratulations, Tiffany and Anastasia! I cannot wait to capture more wonderful moments for you two!

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Maureen + John MARRIED | Stonehurst, Waltham, Massachusetts

Ever since I found out the location of this fabulous fall wedding I have been looking forward to shooting it! Little did I know that this couple had some amazing DIY details that I’d end up loving as well. From the custom made bouquet featuring family heirlooms to the awesome, locally inspired centerpieces. (I’m also loving all these brides who are stepping away from the traditional white dress and into these seasonally inspired colors!). And now, here are a few peeks from Maureen and John’s big day. Congrats you two!

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Fall Fun with the Salvis | Framingham, Massachusetts

I’ve gotten to do a lot of shooting this past year – families, weddings, newborns – but I have to say that I think this family session might just be my absolute favorite. It’s been said that it’s hard to take a bad picture in the fall, and I think I might agree. Add to that  an adorable family and you’ve basically struck photography gold. The Salvis are friends of mine and I was super stoked to be able to capture some more fabulousness for them – especially using the beautiful backdrop of my autumn kissed back yard. Check out these adorable smiles and this beautiful foliage!

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