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The Blair Family | Tampa, Florida

The Blair family is my first legacy family. I’ve captured so many amazing memories for them and I cannot wait to capture many more. Here is our first full family session with the latest edition, the handsome Mr. Cole. We captured these at the beautiful University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida. I hope you enjoy […]

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The Beautiful Seattle, Washington | Seattle, Washington

This year my family was fortunate to travel to Seattle, Washington. We thought we’d just be going for my sister’s fabulous wedding. Little did we know that we’d be given a fabulous tour of some of Washington’s breathtaking sites. I just had to share some of these photos from our trip. I hope you enjoy […]

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Happy Birthday to me! | Boston, Massachusetts

Those of you who know me know that I have a standing birthday tradition. I start my day at Starbucks to get my free drink and then head to the happiest place in the world: the Magic Kingdom. I watch the opening show and then run in to do as many rides as I can. […]

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Flamingo Gardens | Davie, Florida

We had a “major” snow storm here last night that left 8 inches of snow and gave us our first ever “snow day”. I love the snow, but a LOT of the people here are over it (probably like I’m over heat and humidity). In any case, I had some spare time on this snow […]

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Bearly Read Books | Sudbury, Massachusetts

Moving to Massachusetts has been wonderful and I am loving every minute of it, but it did mean that I left all my clients in Florida. While I’m excited to see my fabulous Floridians in October, it does leave me with a bit of time on my hands while I spread the LBP word to […]

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